Is a Mexican Brand of infographics. They use the resource of illustration and animation to explain, inform and entertain on social media.

All these clips are some of the many short videos that I illustrated and animated for the social networks of this brand.
I'm very grateful to have worked with this brand.
Animation version of a parody of Hayley Morris about a fight between a girl and her uterus.
A fun tiktok clip about Inuit calming down their most angry moments. Basically, they walk in a straight line until the anger ends, at which point they place a stick on the ground to measure the distance of their anger.
A very short video of Rosalia's Tiktok from her track Abcdfg in her disc Motomami.
I'm Evil
Funny audio of a child that tells she is an evil child, but in the end, she's joking.
Some of my favorites Animation short videos

1. Is this your elbow?
2. Christmas dance
3. Bombastic side eye

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